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New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits

New York Buttock Augmentation

A new way to achieve great shape and increase volume!

Thanks to technical innovation, experience and interest, New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits now offers buttock augmentation for those who desire a more beautiful, rounded, or firmly shaped backside. If you have been overly self-conscious about your derriere, you may be a candidate for buttock augmentation using fat transplantation.

Our goal is to enhance and sculpt what Mother Nature gave you

As one of the few surgeons who specializes in buttocks augmentation (also known as Brazilian Butt Fill™), Dr. Lefkovits has helped men and women from all over shape and contour their buttocks. His cosmetic surgery training, experience, aesthetic appreciation and philosophy of care make Dr. Lefkovits one of the premier plastic surgeons for buttock augmentation.

New York buttock augmentation surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits uses the fat grafting technique for buttock augmentation because it provides for a more natural and aesthetic result. In addition, fat transplantation allows for customized augmentation, concentrating in the areas that are most deficient and most desired for enhancement by the patient. He does not use buttock implants because it’s a foreign body with all its possible untoward effects including: unnatural feel, insufficient projection if placed under the muscle or capsule formation or distortion (if placed above the muscle), asymmetry, higher incidence of infection, possible nerve injury (if placed under the muscle), extreme postoperative pain( if under the muscle), higher chance of asymmetry, and prolonged postoperative course.

Dr. Lefkovits uses two small incisions to carefully place droplets of fat in different levels throughout the buttocks. This gives a more natural shape and feel to the buttocks. By placing small amounts of fat in different tunnels, it increases the likelihood that the fat particles will be surrounded by healthy blood supply, which will nourish the fat cells and maximize their chance for survival. The technique has evolved over the last few years providing more reliable and more pleasing results.

Some surgeons freeze the excess fat to be used for future use. Dr Lefkovits does not subscribe to this method because there is a very high incidence of absorption of stored frozen fat. The future of fat grafting for buttock augmentation may involve stem cells, which are found in fat cells, and can be retrieved through an intricate process. Experimental studies show promising results rates with this technique. But it’s important to note that, as of now, the use of stem cells for buttock augmentation is controversial and not approved for use in the United States.

Dr. Lefkovits began performing this procedure over 12 years ago when it was still not well known and not as popular. Today its popularity is approaching that of breast augmentation. In fact, many patients have both breast augmentation and buttock augmentation to balance out the chest with the derriere.

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If you are interested in buttock augmentation and live in or around New York City, please contact Dr. George Lefkovits today for your complimentary buttocks augmentation consultation.


Buttocks Augmentation in New York
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Buttocks Augmentation
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